Monday, April 20

Time Out For Baby Tummy

A couple of days ago I posted that I was surprised my tummy woke up so soon and that it quickly turned into a tantrumming toddler! Some people having this surgery have tummies with no appetites, infants that want to sleep through all the feedings. I thought I'd be one of those but nope, my baby woke up with a loud screech and a "where's my foooooooooood?" This was on the Wednesday evening after my surgery.

Mommy(me) to Baby Tummy (BT): Oh, you're awake! I know you feel empty but you're just a newly born tummy and right now you can only have water and ice chips. Be patient. Tomorrow you get clear liquids.

BT (grumbles) Want ice chips NOW! More ice chips, Mommy, more more more more!

Mommy: Well, you can't have too much at once. You'll get sick.

BT: But I'm hungwy!!!!!!!!

BT finally settles down for the night. Next morning.

BT: Mommy, where's breakfast?

Mommy: Yoohoo, nursie, when may I have some clear liquids?

Nursie: Well, the doctor has to see you first and then write a clearance for the clear liquids.

BT: Waaaaaaaaaah!

Mommy: Ssssssh, it will be all right.

When the doctor comes in, Mommy asks, puzzled: Is it normal for me to feel like I'm starving?

Doctor (big smile): Oh, yes, we're glad when that happens. Everything is waking up. You can have a clear liquid lunch.

BT: Lunch now! Lunch now! Lunch now!

Mommy: Sssssssh, BT, be patient.

Lunch arrives, a royal feast: protein drink, hot tea, broth, and jello.


Mommy: We have to take it nice and slow, BT. Sip sip sip until you are used to it again.

BT: No sip sip sip! Gulp gulp gulp!

Mommy: No no no!

Mommy does the sip sip sip bit with the liquid protein, which is actually not bad. Finishes all.

BT: More more more! Still hungwy!

Mommy: Okay, let's try the jello.

BT: Gulp gulp gulp?

Mommy: NO not yet!

Jello goes down slowly.

BT: More more more! Still hungwy!

Mommy: Okay now we'll try the tea.

BT: Gulp gulp gulp?

Mommy: NO! NO gulp gulp gulp! Sip sip sip!

So the tea goes down. I decide the broth will make a good snack and set it aside.

BT: Wait, what are you doing, Mommy? I'm not done!

Mommy: We're saving this for later.


Mommy: Hush little baby, don't say a word, daddy's gonna bring you a mocking-bird...

This went on throughout the next day and into Friday. Mommy's getting tired of the whining but still being patient.

Then TB brings me home and after a while, Bill starts making his dinner. He makes himself a pork chop smothered in sauerkraut with baby peas and a small baked potato. The delicious smell fills the air.

BT: I'm hungwy!!!!! Want some NOW!

Mommy: NO no no, BT, we're not ready for that yet. We can have a nice creamy yogurt.

BT: Don't want yogurt, want pork chop NOW!

Mommy: No.

BT: (whining) Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? We eatted pork chop before?

Mommy: No, and that's enough. If you keep whining, you're going into time out.

BT: Bad Mommy! Mean Mommy! BT wants pork chop NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

Mommy: That's it, time out! One minute for each year of your life! 54 minutes!

Maybe unreasonable but Mommy's really had it.


Mommy (puts on MP3 player and kicks back to listen) Ahhhhhhhhh! Peace and quiet!

Haven't had a problem since. Knock wood!

This is me on day 2 after the surgery. TB used the camera in his cell phone. I'm surprised I'm so alert!


Nancy in PA said...

LOL Behave, BT! Mommy Knows Best. ;-)

Gattina said...

Put earplugs in your ears then you don't hear this naughty BT !

becomingkate said...

Keep up the good work!

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