Tuesday, May 19

Cats on Tuesday: Mouse-in-the-box!

First you see an empty box.

But wait, look who's here!

It's Mouse!

He looks one way and then the other!

It's Mouse in the box!

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Gattina said...

How cute ! it's funny that all cats over the world love boxes !!

Julie said...

Mouse you look just like my Mimi! We've had a lot of packages come lately and the cats have been having so much box fun lol. Happy Tuesday. :)

Obsidian Kitten said...

I love Mouse's white paws!

Luna said...

Mouse in the box, that´s cute!
Boxes are great toys. We love that too.
Happy Tuesday!

Pam said...

That's so funny! My cats love to play in boxes too. They don't think we actually might have a use for the box.

Jopan said...

You've described new jersey beautifully and i suppose everywhere must have crime and polution, although theres that little irrational part of me that thinks that we could all live on huge farms together and live off the land and never polute etc etc. Wouldn't that be nice? everyone does the same amount of work, no ones better than anyone else and all that. But obviusly thats all just a crazy dream...A pine what? is that like a wood? Oh and you being a distance away from anything is a good thing! It means they're a good distance from you! :) noone coming to you're door to try and sell something.

Sassy Kat said...

Thanks for stopping by, always nice to see you.
I hope you will enjoy CCSI V:The Old Famous Caper.

Ydiana said...

Haha...that's a funny name for a cat! Does he love his name? I'm sure he does...its his favourite toy, right!

meemsnyc said...

Oooooh, we absolutely love boxes too.

katztales said...

Mouse looks so sweet! And with a blue laser eye too. Now that's unusual

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