Tuesday, May 12

Cats on Tuesday:Kitties with Attitude!

After ten days straight of rain and damp, the sun came out and the windows went up. The whole gang rejoiced in the sunshine!

Mouse sat in the window first, trying to charm the birds into coming a little closer.

We also opened the front door, much to the gang's delight! Amber and Kosmo had a clear view of the birdies. The camera bothered Amber, though.

TB and I brought our cameras out. These are all pictures TB took. The ones I took I'll share another day.

Amber says: "What do YOU want?"

Later, Kosmo was happily sunning himself when Cubby came along and wanted to sit there. Check out Kosmo's expression!

Kosmo: "What do YOU want?"
Cubby: "Can we share this spot?"
Kosmo: "Oh, no, I don't THINK so!"

And poor Cubby went away to find a spot of sun elsewhere.

Amber says: "These last few days sure have been beautiful!"

Yeah, but the pollen has been terrible. Both Mom Bean and Cubby have been sneezing their heads off. TB Bean's eyes are red and itchy. But...it's still better than all that rain!!!!

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Obsidian Kitten said...

Great pics! Amber sure is a beauty.

No one around here ever wants to share their spot, either! lol

katztales said...

I love the tones of Amber's fur - soooo pretty!

Pinky Ash and Boo said...

We liked seeing all of the kitied today. So furrry cute.

Gattina said...

I love the first picture waiting for birds, with the tail just hanging down, lol ! and what an expression to chase the eventual place taker. Kim is always outside now and only comes home when she is hungry. She really is like a stray cat !

Luna said...

So nice to see all cats. The photos are lovely.

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