Sunday, May 31

Little Mr. Poopyhead

Yesterday we saw Little T again for his weekly scheduled visit with his mother. Before she arrived, he was getting a kick out of playing hide'n'seek with his Uncle Bill. After about 20 minutes of this, though, Bill had to leave for work.

Once Linda arrived, TB asked if they'd like to go for a walk in the woods. There are lots of cleared paths and TB's been walking there a lot, snapping pictures of wildlife and the lake from a more rustic point of view.

Little T was very enthusiastic about going until he realized he wasn't familiar with the route. He got very upset and wanted to go back into the house. TB and Linda were cool with it, assuring him he could go "his" way if he wanted. T went upstairs and laid down on the floor outside Billy's room. He didn't mind me taking these pictures though.

It took a long time for his mother to persuade him to come on down and pick an activity he wanted to do. He couldn't seem to make up his mind. Oh well...I guess it was just one of those poopyhead days we all get from time to time!

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