Thursday, May 7

Quick Update

I really meant to update more often, especially to participate in Cats on Tuesday which I totally missed :(, but I was sick this week with some kind of virus. :P No, I don't think it's swine flu, just some kind of bug that laid me low for several days. I'm feeling better but TB is still sick.

I'm down another 3.5 pounds, yay!

The sun was *finally* out this morning but now it's all overcast again. :( I hope Kristin's junior trip to Baltimore won't be spoiled by the weather! I'm wishing her a wonderful time!

The gang is doing fine except for being hungry all the time. Koz is still on his diet so that means we have to police everyone! Koz goes up on the counter for his diet food and everyone else scarfs down what they can in 5 minutes. No, we don't time them, it's just that they walk away so quickly! I don't know why they don't try to eat more...guess it's a cat thing? Amber and Koz eat their fill but Mouse and Cubby take a couple of bites and that's it! Then they're hungry again in an hour! :P

And Lost really rocked last night! Terry O'Quinn is such a superb actor...and so is Michael Emerson. Everyone else did a fine job too, it really was a fantastic episode! I'm so sorry that the season is coming to an end. What will I do this summer? Waaaaaaah!!!!


Nancy in PA said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather - feel better soon!!! Try THE CLOSER and BURN NOTICE for your empty summer tv time. :-) They are "summer series", starting in early June, and they have become 2 of our all time favorites...

Nancy in PA said...

PS - oops, I wasn't done with that comment yet!

CONGRATULATIONS on the extra pounds gone!!!! :-) You are doing so great - keep up the good work! You guys are in our thoughts and prayers as always...

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