Tuesday, July 28

Cats on Tuesday: Cat Play

After seeing how much Kosmo enjoyed the feather teaser, I tried to interest Munchkin in it too. She sort of liked it, but not really.

She liked this teaser much better. Kosmo enjoys both of them so now both of them could play.

Maybe they're wondering: is that thing dead or alive? Will it move again?

Munchkin sez, you snooze you lose! I'm taking off with it NOW! She pulled so hard the stick flew out of my hands and Munchie ran right under the bed with it. End of game for the time being! :D

A P.S. to my cat blogging furriends and other cat lovers and bloggers: I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit lately. I've been laid up and still not able to stay on the computer very long. BUT I think about all you guys and I do plan to come back around and visit!

Want more cat blogging?

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Reese =^..^= said...

The kitties looked like they had fun while it lasted! Hope you are feeling well soon.

Ginger said...

They are beautiful cats. Cats do enjoy the simplest toys


It is funny when they carry
it off and your still holding it.
Tug of War toy...? Wishing you
a better summer!

Ydiana said...

Hahaha...they looked cool, but once it's grabbed, that's it! No sharing! Cats! :)

katztales said...

Glad you're up and about again. A feather duster is Target's best toy -after his snizzle circles of course.

Gattina said...

They both look so surprised, lol, cute pictures. You are a little late because today it's already wednesday, and most of the participants were already on my blog.

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