Tuesday, July 14

Cats on Tuesday: Miss Amber

Here's our Missy Amber, enjoying the sunshine and the view from our love seat.

I have more pictures of the gang taken recently but haven't uploaded them yet because I thought I was going to change over to XP this week. There's been a little delay because TB and I have been a bit under the weather with our bad backs. TB's shoulder is healing extremely well!

Want more cat blogging?

Be sure to check out Gattina's blog. Today is also Tuxie Tuesday and then there's Blogging Cat Noos for all the latest!


Gattina said...

At the first glance on your picture I thought Miss Amber would get drops in her eyes, lol ! Back ache is terrible, since I do soft yoga gymnastic it's almost gone ! I was so rusty !! Didn't move enough.

catsynth said...

Enjoy the sunshine! We're going to try do that as much as we can (at least on a working Tuesday).

Kuanyin Moi said...

I'm back to cat blogging on COT again! So come on over and visit.

Miss Amber is a beauty!

katztales said...

Missy Amber looks so pretty. Don't you wish you had fur too?

I'm going on a diet so please send me silent wishes of encouragement.

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