Sunday, July 5

Meet Munchkin

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Introducing our newest addition: Munchkin! Munchie arrived Friday afternoon. She is so sweet and so affectionate. She snuggled right up in my arms, relaxed, and by the time Monica (the wonderful person who is with the animal rescue group from which we adopted our new kitty)was ready to leave, Munch was just about sound asleep! This is a picture of Munch enjoying Heidi's attentions.

Munchkin's tried making friendly overtures to the rest of the gang but they are too jealous to respond with anything but a hiss. She's been exploring the house but basically sticking to our bedroom for most of the time. She'll come out to snuggle with us in the evening. As time goes on and the rest of the gang become used to her, I'm sure we'll see more and more of her!

What a beautiful weekend we've been having! We couldn't have asked for any better. Enjoy! :D


Reese =^..^= said...

Nice to meet you, Munchkin!

katztales said...

How sweet! Bet the others are awfully jealous. You'll have your work cut out to keep the gang happy. But what a cutie. Def worth the trouble and strife.

Congrats on the diet!

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