Thursday, September 10

Thursday Thirteen #35: My to-do list

1. Pray for my stepdaughter Linda, who's in the hospital with a nasty infection. Pray also for my brother Pete, that he get relief and rest from all the stress and running around he's been doing. Pray also for my stepdaughter Michele who's going through so many trials with hubby David and kids so far away in TN!
2. Do the laundry
3. Pack for the trip back down to Maryland tomorrow afternoon
4. Make CDs with pictures for Ted and Pete
5. Help move Mom back to NJ
6. Contact all Mom's doctors to get her records sent to us in NJ
7. Get Mom set up with a bank and doctors here
8. Contact community college to see if we can get an interpreter for Mom at church on Sundays
9. Dust, straighten up/organize our bedroom
10. Pay as many bills as possible
11. Put my worries in God's hands
12. Get more rest
13. Schedule enough breaks & down time for TB and me--need to do this like we do it for our doctor appointments!

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