Thursday, September 17

Thursday Thirteen #36: Things I Am Thinking Right Now

1. Survivor is on tonight!
2. I'm glad I got my reserved library book today.
3. I need to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher
4. I feel really stressed today
5. Heidi's inhaler broke and we're not sure we can get her another one tonight
6. Mom was really grumpy/angry this morning :(
7. Bill & Kristin & TB & Heidi are a big help lately
8. I love my cats!
9. When will my therapist get well and come back?
10. I'm going to try and turn in by 10 tonight!
11. I need to make sure I do my stretching exercises before bed
12. Physical therapy is good for me!
13. Heidi is going to be 21 on Saturday!

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