Sunday, September 6

The Butterfly

When TB and I visited my parents in August, I brought my camera with me. I meant to take pictures that day but I forgot. Later, when we were headed home I realized I'd forgotten but then I thought next time. Well...there was no next time. When I brought my camera for my dad's memorial service, I made sure to use it when family members came back to the house afterwards. Here's the link: Family Pictures

I've always had a "thing" for butterflies, especially the Monarch butterfly. I didn't realize what they signified until after Rich died. Not long afterwards, my friend Elfie came to visit me from Austria. We went to Jones Beach on Long Island. As we were driving back home, a beautiful Monarch butterfly got caught in my windshield wiper. I pulled over, upset and sure that it was killed. As I lifted the wiper up, though, the butterfly recovered and fly away. Suddenly, I just felt it was Rich letting me know he was okay and with our Lord.

My brother, daughter, niece and cousins went sight seeing in Annapolis the day after my dad's memorial service. We went by this lovely garden and there we saw a Monarch butterfly. It moved from flower to flower but also seemed to be following us. My cousin Diane said, "I've never seen a butterfly do that before!" My brother teasingly moved to scare it away but my niece stopped him. We both took a couple of pictures.

Today, getting ready for church, I remember that butterfly and I suddenly think: could it be dad's way of saying he, too, is with our Lord and is doing just fine?


Cindy said...

God could be trying to tell you yes, everything is ok, he's with me.

Nancy in PA said...

I'll bet that's exactly what it was, Cassie... what a beautiful sign... hugs!!!!

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