Monday, October 5

Man Cat Monday: Kosmo vs. Buddy's freaky collar

I wish I'd been able to get this on my camera somehow to share! It would have been a hit on America's Funniest Videos! Here's what happened:

See this gigantor collar on Buddy? We'd borrowed it from a neighbor to help him stop biting at his irritated flea/fly bites. They have been annoying the poor dog to no end and now it's at the point where we can't leave him outside for more than a few minutes before the things start dive bombing him. In the house, he keeps biting at his legs and making them raw. We've been putting on the creams and medications the vet suggested to us but then hit on this idea of the collar. Now we'd be able to keep his mouth and teeth away to let the irritated skin heal.

Enter Kosmo, who's never seen such a contraption in his life. Normally the King of Zen, I heard him hissing and growling from the hall way. As soon as he saw the thing, it offended his sensibilities so he crept down the hall to attack it and kill it.

He pounced on the offensive cone just as Buddy lifted his head, trapping Kosmo inside. Kosmo began yowling and spinning, his tail and body puffing up three times its size. Buddy was terrified and began shaking his head, finally lowering it.

The monstrous cone-creature freed the frenzied Kosmo who took off under the sofa. Buddy went in the other direction, totally confused about what just happened. Everyone was roaring and rolling on the ground, causing further offense and hurt feelings to both furry friends.

Later, TB was rocking in the glider near me while Kosmo relaxed between the chair and the ottoman at TB's feet. Buddy came in looking for friendship, still wearing the collar that freaked Kos out in the first place. He lowered his head to be stroked and Kosmo leapt at him, hissing and spitting. Buddy yipped and yiked in panic, tearing out of the room with his tail between his legs.

Kosmo followed him to the doorway, puffed up again like a blowfish, but with a look of triumph in his eyes that said, I won, I won!

Kosmo: 2, Vicious Collar: 0.
Buddy: up the proverbial creek

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Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Oh so do I wish you had a video of this. The description made smiles come when I read it. I bet if you had a video you would win the big prize money on the show. Maybe you could try to set it up again and get it in the can.
Too funny.

Gattina said...

I can imagine the scene, must have been hilarious ! Wearing this colar must be awful for poor Buddy !

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