Monday, November 30

XM Brands Scam II: Just when you think it's going to be all right ...

I called XM Brands and was one of the lucky ones to get through and cancel. I was also very happy to see that the $79 pending charge was gone--wiped off like a smear of dirt on the windshield. Think my account is safe? I hoped so! But then we read this...

This was written by Carla, 4th person on the list complainants:

OMG! How did I fall for this crap. I went to the grocery store last night and couldn't even get groceries for 40.00. My account had been hit over Thanksgiving for more than 100.00!! I had to charge my groceries. I called today and here is what I found. Profit Library gives your debit to several companies. One guy argued and said that I "clicked" a box when signing up that allowed my info to be shared. Last time I checked, when is it ok for affiliates to use your account number, maybe use me as a "lead" but to take my money? Grantline Professional, who I just happened to call....had me on file with a subscription I had to cancel...didn't know I had it. Their number is 877-317-0193 and they had just charged me a 1.00 this morning under the name "moneysearch". Web Hosting is closed on weekends, but 8-12 EST (how convenient) at 888-228-8815. XM Brands charged me 77.83; don't know who they are or if I have a legitimate number and Google Profit Library is a BIG FAT LIAR, they are NOT open 7 days a week as the FAKE responder posted on this site; they are open M-F 8-12 convienent trying to cancel. I tried cancelling the next day when they started calling me and the girl said it was a different number I had to call; how did she know it? mmmm. I filed fraud with my bank, RIP OFF and I will be calling the FTC tomorrow. The F*&# with the wrong one...especially since the fine print said I had 8 day trial and not 5.....contradicting isn't?

What upsets me is that this company sold or shared my debit card information with other companies by sneaking it into the very fine print. So although I'm cancelling with them, these other companies already have my information. Are they obligated to not use it? Think I'd trust them? NO WAY. So I think I'll have to close my PNC account! :(

I just added my complaint to Pissed Off Consumer:


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