Monday, December 21

Getting out from under the snow!

What a gift the snow was for me! It was a real true gift from God because I didn't come out and ask for it or pray for it. I just wanted it! I missed it so much. It seems my memories of childhood are filled with snowy days in the winter and especially of white Christmases. I don't know if that's accurate or not but it's what I remember.

When I was a young adult, I remember lovely snow falls like this in the winter time. I remember my first DH and I spending hours digging me out and then enjoying cups of steaming cups of hot chocolate. After we married and had kids, I remember "digging out" parties. Everyone helped each other out and I'd make a pot of coffee for the adults and caffeine lovers, hot chocolate for the kids and those that didn't like coffee. We'd trek to the store pulling sleds to carry home our needed groceries. So one day, I'll dig through my old pictures and find some that I took of those storms.

Anyway, we've been having an especially rough time (I'll post about that later) and so when this snow came on my birthday, it just felt to me like God knew how badly I wanted snow and so He sent it as a special gift. I was as happy as a small child!

Here was the scene yesterday:

TB says "I love you" through the windows

Then he and the kids had to dig out our cars:

I didn't do much other than goof off yesterday. Church was cancelled because of the bad weather. I did make a loaf of Irish soda bread using whole wheat flour; it came out really well. I watched Polar Express with Bill and TB. Later we watched Survivor.

TB ventured out to Wawa to get milk. No, we don't run out and buy milk, bread and toilet paper on the eve of snow storms. We had enough, we just sort of used up the milk faster than we normally might have with all of us home the entire weekend. Anyway, TB was on the way back when some idiot travelling down the middle of the road drove him into a drifted bank. He got stuck and called Bill to come in Heidi's car to help get him out. Luckily, though, two good ole boys in a truck stopped and got him out before Bill got there. The one who caused it, of course, went on his merry way. Bah humbug to you, mister!

Today, TB and I took Bill to work. His car wouldn't start Friday and we're not sure what's wrong with it. Kennan's brother Sean said he'd look at it ... depending on what the snow did. Bill wouldn't have been able to get it fixed anyway because he's flat broke and so are we. So is Heidi.

The roads are terrible! Now we get to see what "The Blob" has done in action. "The Blob" is what a radio talk show host calls the cancer of corruption in Trenton. As I understand it, funds for transportation (as well as just about everything else) has been raided and diverted. I did not expect such poor road conditions from the state of New Jersey. I would have expected it from a state that hardly ever sees snow at all--a state further south, say. Tsk.

School was closed today and so Kristin didn't have to stand out in the icy basically unplowed street. I was glad for that. I'm not sure what they're doing for tomorrow but I'm hoping if they're open it'll be 2 hours late.

And so, life gets back to normal.

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Heather said...

This was us a couple weeks ago (and may be us again by end of the week) -- I hope you have managed to dig yourselves out!

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