Friday, December 4

Grace in Small Things #22

Lots of graces today! Here are my five:

1. Carpal tunnel surgery went well for my TB! This time, the doctor just gave him a local and the procedure itself took 8 minutes. Of course, all the time spent was in the prep for the procedure and then the post-op stitching. He's resting comfortably right now. :)

2. I am pleased with myself that I didn't blow up when TB asked about his CPAP when we were five minutes from home. Both of us forgot it and he needs it to sleep at night so I knew I would have to drive back. The surgery center is an hour's drive one way and we'd just spent all morning there!

My first impulse was to scream and curse, exploding in frustration. That's what how I'd usually respond to such a situation. But then I had a moment of rational thought and remembered a trick. I took in a deep breath. During that split second, thought: Would anything change if I had a tantrum? No. Would anyone feel better? No. So I just said, "It is what it is." We would have to go back and having a fit about it was just a waste of energy.

We went home, ate, and then I drove back. TB went up and got his CPAP. No problem. We got home in time for dinner. Yay, me!

3. The Irish beef stew TB threw together into the crockpot this morning came out delicious! Yum!

4. My nephew made some Christmas Elf Jib Jab movies starring himself, his wife and baby boy. Oh, it was so much fun to watch! I want to try to make one!

5. On days like this, I need a belly laugh and I got one thanks to a friend who sent me a timely joke in my email. I liked it so much I posted it here.


Cindy said...

What a pair you two are! It is so hard to say "it is what it is" when you are screaming inside. Have a good weekend.

Harry Spotter said...

You really deserve a restful Sunday. Enjoy the day!

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