Thursday, December 3

Thursday Thirteen #41: My "big" Christmas list

Thursday Thirteen

I call this my "big" Christmas list because these are wishes that affect a country of people, if not the world:

1. Respect for each other regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, country of origin, culture and so on. It seems to me if we could accept and try to understand those who are different, there'd be a whole lot less wars in the world. I'd pray that this wish would eventually lead to peace on earth.

2. Universal health care. This has become a basic need too. It's not right that anyone in this country should have inadequate or no health care coverage at all. That includes dental and eye care too. How can anyone function or try to hold a job if they are sick? Dental decay leads to serious health care problems. If someone needs glasses and can't afford them, how is he or she supposed to function? Most of the people without insurance work!

3. Enough food for everyone. This is another basic need and in this economy, more and more people are hungry. We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world and we throw away food even when there are hungry adults and children. What's wrong with this picture?

4. Shelter for everyone. This is yet another basic need that isn't always met. Why isn't there enough affordable housing for everyone? Why don't we have more places for homeless adults and families to go when they need to be warm or out of the element? Why are there vets living under bridges? It's shameful!

6. Feed the world. I think that even if we fed every person in this country, we'd still have enough food left over to share so that others wouldn't go hungry. It's not just us either. This is something that countries around the world could do. Maybe they do ... to some extent. I'm not sure that donating countries work together well enough to distribute what we contribute...and that our contributions get to the right people.

7. A well functioning transportation system. I don't just mean highways. In other countries, people don't have to depend on their cars to get around. In this country, though, if you don't have a car in many places you are screwed. In our community, forget about getting anywhere efficiently if you don't live right on a bus line--and here, there's just the local shuttle bus and one mass transit line.

8. A Congress that represents the people and not special interests & lobbyists

9. Inexpensive movie theaters and bowling alleys so that people suffering in this economy have some kind of fun outlet

10. Bring recess time back to the school day. The poor kids are overbooked and overworked--they need some time for free play

11. Parenting classes before people start becoming mothers and fathers

12. Job security

and this one should have been #1:

13. Bring back the true meaning of Christmas. How did it become all about Santa and presents? What were we thinking?


Gattina said...

Nice list and post ! I think you said the most important things for your country !

i beati said...

if only

Calico Crazy said...

What a fabulous Christmas wish list! ~ Calico Contemplations

shopannies said...

if the needs on your list were met we would all be a bit happier I love the #1 respect for each other this would be great

Cindy said...

Amen, although I would add everyone should have a cat.

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