Thursday, December 24

Thursday Thirteen #44: Christmases Past

Thursday Thirteen

TB and I have been together since 2002 and I thought I'd go back and find some pictures from Christmases past to share. I have some pictures from 2002 but none of them are digital and I didn't have time to scan them. Oh well. Here's thirteen I picked out from 2003 on.

Decorating the tree in 2003:

Bill & Kristin


From 2004:

Little T's first Christmas ... held by his loving Pop-Pop

The joy of being a child at Christmas! Something simple like a tee shirt can make a kid so happy!

From 2005:

This was a special gift to the kids. I'd taken their dad's coat and mailed it away to a wonderful person specializing in making bears from the clothing of loved ones who've passed away.

From 2006:

From 2007:



From 2008:

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Wild Woman in the Wild Woods said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for commenting on my Thursday Thirteen. In answer to your question, no you do not have to read the other Shannara books to enjoy The Gypsy Morph. In fact, this is the only book by Terry Brooks that I have read.

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