Wednesday, December 2

XM Brands Scam III: This is it! This is the article!

It popped up again! This is the article that sucked me in, and looking at the URL, I realize: I should have known better! ARGH!

Breaking News: Google Now Hiring People To Work From Home

I couldn't even leave a comment blasting them. The ability to comment is shut down.

Lousy con artists!

ETA: It's not exactly the same but it's on the same idea. You pay $1.95 for this so called deal. If you don't cancel in 3 days, you get charged over $100 plus another $39 for training materials. I didn't get far enough into it to read and see if the fine print includes selling your info to other companies. You know, they ought to just be honest about the cost from the get-go. Them who has the money to invest will do it. Why rook everyone who shows an interest?

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