Tuesday, January 26

Cats on Tuesday: Cubby Update

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Amber sez, oh, hallo! Mommy Bean's runnin around wid da flashy ting becaws when hers computer crashed, it taked all da udder pikturs wid it. So she needed sum pikturs for cats on Toosday.

She tooked pikturs of our tree.

But furst, update on Cubsy: he goed to da doktor Saturday and gotted an owee shot! And he gotted yukky pill things him has to swallow! He don lik it so Mommy and Daddy Bean crushed it and mixes it in da yogurt and hims eats it awl up! They foolin him!

Cubsy hidin but here is Mouse and Munchkin.

Dey are wishin Mommy wuld put da flashy ting away!

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Boo-Bah said...

Pretty clever hiding the medicine in the yogurt. Cubby we hope you are feeling better.
I love the pictures.

Cezar and Léia said...

You look very comfortable in this cat tree, your place is cosy and nice!
And beautiful pictures again, congrats!
Happy Tuesday

Gattina said...

Your cat tree has a lot of success, the cats grow on there, lol ! You are lucky that Cubsy eats his pills in yagourt ! Lisa smells everything, nothing to do, she spits it out ! We have tried with everything she loves, she always found the pill and if it's crashed into powder she won't eat it at all. She is terrible ! She still eats like a horse and that's why I don't bother too much about her. She behaves like a little old lady.

The Chair Speaks said...

Amber, you are beautiful. Get well soon Cubby. Mouse and Munchkin look very comfortable in their cat tree.

Luna, Luzie and Olli said...

Oh we are sorry to read that about the doc and the shot. We hope tha pills works soon . Glad to read that Cubsy eats all with the yogurt.
That tree is great. We also try to hide of that flashy thing.

*Happy Tuesday*

The Island Cats said...

What a cool cat tree! And Cubby...we hope you're feeling better...we won't tell you that they're hiding your meds in the yogurt!!


Oh poor Cubby, shots are not fun!
You have a very good idea about
pills in yogurt, my cats like yogurt.
Do you use plain/vanilla? Or another
flavor? Your kitties look very happy on their kitty tree. Hope Cubby is
feeling better! :)

Cindy said...

Clever humans putting the medicine in the yogurt. I can't believe he doesn't know! Pretty pictures.

Carla said...

Amber you are so pretty!!! What is your tree covered with? Those look washable!!

Mary said...

This is funny...I have a blog with the same name! I posted a cat that looks very similar to your first cat! Coincidence!

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