Tuesday, January 5

Cats on Tuesday: Munchkin's little problem

Munchkin sez, I hav an embarrasking question to askd my feline friens. Sumtimes I go poopie outsyde my boxes. My beans are gonna keep me no matter what but dey don unnerstand why I do that. I started to do that about 6 weeks ago an on'y sumtimes--doesn't hav to do wid da litterbox bein clean becaws it's scooped every day an becaws sumtimes it happen when da litter is all branded new! Could it be becaws the boxes are enclosed? Any other ideas for me to tell my beans? T'anks!!! Of course now I don't seem ta be doin it anymore but ya never know!

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Cindy said...

My old cat did that a lot, but she did not like the new cat. Good luck.


1)anger over change in household
(new cat, new person, box moved,etc.)
2)younger cats not letting Munchkin,
get to,use or bothers him/her while using the box.
3)not feeling well
4)marking territory to let other cats
know that 'Munchkin' is there. This
is the multi-cat pecking order thing
that happens were cats get older....

I hope this helps. Jewelgirl :)

Michelle said...

The enclosed litter boxes may be the culprit. Not only can odor sometimes be an issue, but if any of the other cats like to stalk and pounce outside the box, she might not feel safe inside where she can't see another kitty sneaking up on her. You could always try a small pan and see if she prefers that instead.

It could also be the stress of adjusting to a new household & new kitties. Make sure her brothers & sisters aren't keeping guard over the litterboxes and she doesn't feel comfortable in them.

Is Munchkin going in the same spots over and over? She might still smell the scent from a previous accident. Using an enzyme cleaner (Nature's Miracle, Axi-dent) will help break down any left behind scent that only kitties can smell.

It's probably just a behavior or stress issue, but make sure Munchkin's little "leavings" look OK. If they don't look right (color, consistency, etc), then she might need to go to the vet for a checkup to make sure everything is OK.

Gattina said...

That indeed is a problem. I had it with Lisa but she wee weed in the whole house, which was even worse. Now I found a solution, she has her own private litterbox and it is uncovered. she can't stand to go in there, I am very glad with the result, because now she is clean again ! Try an uncovered litter box. Some cats suffer claustrophobia, I think, lol !
I haven't got any comment from you, besides the one where you ask.

The Chair Speaks said...

If the litter is scented, perhaps Munchkin doesn't like that scent.

Tink said...

Don't be embarrasses, Munchkin! Sometimes cats want to make something clear to us beans and unfortunately they can't just say that... Your way is a great way to tell something is wrong, but it can be difficult to guess what.

Some thoughts: enclosed can be the problem. If the box has a swing door it can help to get that off for a while (or forever if needed). If the box is standing in a somewhat dark space it can help to put it in a space with more light. And some cats just prefer a litterbox without a top on it.
Hope this helps!

Harry Spotter said...

We prefer unscenter litter, maybe that would help you too?

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