Wednesday, January 27

Wordless Wednesday: Three Wild and Crazy Guys!

Wordless Wednesday


Irishcoda said...

these are two pictures from Kristin's party on Sunday. The two young men on either side of TB have been friends of Kristin's for years. We've known these guys since they were, like, 11 or 12--and they are two of the nicest and brightest kids it's been our pleasure to get to know and watch grow up.

Cheryl said...

Great shots. I grew up in what referred to as 'The Kool-Aid House'... The one where all the kids came to play. As adults, a lot of my friends (and my siblings' friends) still keep in touch with my folks. I think that's a sign of awesome parenting. I hope to offer that to my kids as they get older.
Keep up the good work!
Happy WW!

Vicky said...

Nice shots!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Cindy said...

Neat pictures!

Harry Spotter said...

That's a fun pic of the guys.

Jendi said...

Must have been a fun party!
I'm impressed by the cats in your header.

Melitsa said...

Funny! I love shots like this so unexpected. Good times.

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