Friday, February 12

Feline Friday: We're So Late!

Kosmo sez, hay, did you guyz hear why Mommy Bean wuz so late wid our Feline Friday?

Mouse: No, do tell!

Kosmo: Da Kristin Bean gotted what she tawt wuz a boo-boo but hers showed it to Mommy Bean an it wuz purrrrrrpul an swolled up so Mommy took hers to da doktor an it mighted be an infeckshun! Oh noes! But she gotted medusin for it.

An den Mommy Bean hurd dat hers mommy-in-law whadever dat is hadda goes inna hospital becaws hers arteries wuz blocked a bit and hers needed stents and sumpin cawled "ablation" but hers will be awl right. So dat's why we are so late!

Munchkin: Zzzzz? Um, didn dey taked "Days of Our Lives" off da air?

It's OK, everyone seems to be okay right now and we're just waiting for word on my mother-in-law.

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Cindy said...

Hope everything will be ok.

Harry Spotter said...

Aww.. we are sending you our purrs and prayers. Keep us posted and we hope it all turns out well.

Nessa said...

They are all so beautiful.

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