Wednesday, February 17

For cat bloggers and Lost fans!

If you love Lost and cats, you'll get a big kick out of this:

LOL Lost Season 1

This took a lot of creativity and hard work! you watch Lost? What are you thinking about this season so far?

As for me:

1. I'm not much caring for the alternate universe characters. Of course, I'll always love Hugo and he sure seems to be happier in this "X"-verse.

Last night, we got a look at John Locke-X. In many ways his life is "better" than it was in real time. his character shadier? I mean, use company time and money to go to a seminar in Australia and then sneak off into the bush for a walkabout? And to make the deceit so blatantly obvious? Wild.

I also noticed that he's still together with his true love. She mentions his father. So does this mean he's got a relationship with dear old dad? The old man didn't push him out a window? How'd he get into that chair?

Back on the island with our favorite characters (that I wish the focus was on all the time): what's going on with Smokey/Esau/Locke? Is he evil? He seems to be--he's got all the dark characteristics of evil. He becomes the smoke monster and kills people. His color is black as opposed to Jacob's white.

He's enticing Sawyer and Richard with answers to all their questions--if they'll follow him. It put me in mind of Satan tempting Christ. But ... on the other hand, Jesus has asked his followers to follow Him too. So who's good and who's evil?

I'm still trying to figure that one out...

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