Monday, February 1

Resolutions Update

This seems to be a good time to see how I'm doing 30 days (give one or two) since making my New Year's resolutions.

1. Take these resolutions seriously. I figured if I check myself every month to see how I'm doing, I'm taking them seriously!

2. Read fifteen new authors for the new author challenge. I've read two of the 15 on my list. Since I have the whole year to complete it, I'm doing ok with this one.

3. Work on my recovery with a sponsor from ACOA I started out really strong with this one. I'm still motivated but I'm not sure where my sponsor went. I better email her again.

4. Scan old photos I've scanned around 50 in the last few weeks!

5. Write memories I have from these old photos to help me work on my memoir/story I did note memories but, unfortunately, unless I have them in my sent email box I don't think I saved them in a place I could use them. I need to go back and do that and make sure I keep doing that!

6. Read thirty books for the Mixology reading challenge I have a year to do this one too. I just started book #4.

7. Get down to my goal weight, which means lose another 50 lbs. Eh, could be better. I've dropped another 2 lbs. I have to admit my surgeon made me a little nervous telling me I was losing weight too fast. He wanted me to start taking an enzyme so I'd absorb more of my calories. Instead, I decided to be a little more reckless about what I was eating and how much. After I see him this month, I think I'll focus a little better.

8. Go to at least 3 bariatric surgery support group meetings Nope ... not so far.

9. Attend at least 6 meetings of the Al-Anon meeting here in town Nope on this one too.

10. Practice more anger management skills. I'm doing well there except I did get very irritated when one of the cats gave me a hard time about getting her nails clipped. Well...I'm just human. I asked TB just to check my perception of myself. I asked him how my anger management's been since the New Year and he said, "Much better." That made me feel good. :)

I've made progress on 8 out of the 10, which is 80%. That's a B so I'll say I am passing so far. :D

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