Sunday, March 28

GiST 104

Today was sort of a mixed day. I'd so wanted to go to church this morning to hear the Easter cantata but it wasn't to be. TB and I still suffer some side effects of our surgery which can be urgent and/or embarrassing.

1. It was warmer outside than I thought it was going to be.

2. I got to have a nice talk with the mother of Cubby's previous owner, Jean. The back story is that the lady had terminal cancer and died. No one in the family was able to adopt Cubby or his brother, Sox. When TB and I "met" them and heard their story, we had to bring them home.

We'd told the adoption agency it would be ok for Jean and her grandson Matthew to contact us to ask after the cats. Over the year, we got closer to them through the cats. Jean and Matthew still grieved their daughter and mother but were happy that the cats were settling in so nicely.

Now it's been almost two years. Jean fell and hurt her hip and now her thigh. She's been in a care facility since Thanksgiving, receiving physical therapy. She's very frustrated and lonely so it's nice to be able to cheer her up. She loves to hear how Cubby is doing. Our dear Sox went at Christmas time in 2008 but we still update Jean and Matthew about Cubby.

3. I tried on the pretty sweater I picked up from Family Services and it fits perfectly. The colors are so pretty, flattering and springlike. I love it!

4. We'd gotten a smoked picnic shoulder from St. Ann's and had that for dinner today along with mashed potatoes and red cabbage. It was delicious, yum!

5. The GiST community!

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