Wednesday, March 31

GiST #105

Where did the days go? I missed a couple!

1. Cubby's loud purring is so soothing. When I'm at the computer, he sits nearby and then reaches a paw out to tap me. I know he wants a treat but I put him off for a while, just petting him and cooing to him. We both enjoy that. When I do pull out the treats, he goes manic and that's fun too! :D

2. Another good therapy session with Susan yesterday. It feels great to make progress. Why did it take so long? No matter, we're definitely going in the right direction!

3. TB's good morning kiss

4. Scenes of all the Rancocas Creek flooding in our county and feeling grateful we're not close to it

5. We should be hearing from the Making Homes Affordable program any day now -- FINALLY!

6. Lost was on again last night ... my favorite TV show! I'm going to be so sad when it concludes in May.

7. I have all of the previous seasons on DVD so I can always watch it when I want!

8. Munchkin was sharing TB's yogurt this morning, her face practically inside the cup. Wish I'd had a camera!

9. Making a wiser choice about Easter candy. I'm tempted to eat a lot of Cadbury eggs but I refrained from getting any. I listened to my tummy, which said: "you'll be sorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee!" I remembered how sick I got last time I overindulged in sweets!

10. I had some memories of my Uncle John that made me feel warm and loved. He had a nickname for me that no one else ever used. When I was a little girl, he would make up songs with my name in it. He was kind and loving to me. Later I learned he was an alcoholic and had a lot of other problems but I never sensed that as a child. He died when I was almost 11. When I think of him, I miss him.

11. I'm beginning to have a relationship again with my uncle in California. He'll be 91 this year. I was going to call and say hello this afternoon.

12. The GiST community is so supportive and caring!

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