Wednesday, March 24

GiST #100

Today I've gotten to 100 grace in small things posts! I was going to list my five and then do a list of things that I'm grateful for every day, big and small.

GiST #100

1. A cool day but the sun was shining most of the day!
2. Our taxes are done and we don't have to file.
3. A nice long talk with an uncle I haven't had a chance to call in a long long time. We had a really nice telephone visit. :)
4. Although I had to put it down because it was stirring up some unhappy memories, I worked on my writing project.
5. I am once again impressed by TB's creative genius! He had a picture of the tool he wanted and put it together in his head. It works!

Things I'm Grateful For Every Day

1. Who & what I am at the present time
2. TB
3. My kids
4. My grandkids
5. God's love
6. My health
7. Our house
8. Our cats
9. My family
10. My friends
11. We have enough to meet our basic needs
12. Music
13. Books
14. Cawfee
15. Lost ;)
16. The outdoors
17. The ability to go for walks and enjoy them
18. The ability to swim and enjoy it
19. My car
20. The meds that help me feel better

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