Thursday, April 1

GiST #106

1.  The sun not only came out today, it was so warm I could go about without my sweat jacket.  Yay!

2.  TB's stool collapsed yesterday and he went over backwards in the room converted to his workshop.  His head missed the saw by mere inches.  There's carpeting on the floor (covered with drop cloths) so he didn't crack his head open.

3.  On the way home, TB found more really fantastic logs and asked if it was okay to take them.  The owner of the house said she'd left them out for a friend to pick up a few days ago but since he hadn't shown up, we were more than welcome to them.  It would be doing her a favor.  It turns out she works at the developmental center and expressed an interest in TB's little projects--maybe they'd sell at the center's little shop.  Hmmm...

4.  As we were leaving the parking lot of a doctor's office, we heard this crrrrrunch sound.  There was no impact nor any sensation of driving over anything and we couldn't see anything in the parking spot we'd just backed out of.   We didn't think anything more of it and on the way home, we spotted the logs I just wrote about.  TB loaded them into the car and we drove home.  When we started to get out of the car, TB went to switch his sun glasses for his regular glasses and suddenly said, "Where are my glasses?"  He'd been carrying them in his tee shirt pocket and now they weren't there.

Oh brother.  I said maybe they'd fallen out of his pocket when he bent over to lift the logs.  I didn't ask him why he'd put his expensive glasses in his tee shirt pocket.  We drove back to the lady's house but the glasses weren't there.

Then we remembered the crrrrunch noise.  Ohhhhhhhh nooooooooo.  Those glasses cost over $300!  At first TB wasn't sure he wanted to go back to the doctor's office but then asked if I minded if he did.  I wasn't happy about it because it's a drive but I had this feeling we should go and so I said no, I didn't.  Filled with dread, we decided to drive back.  As we pulled up to the spot we'd parked in, I thought I saw the frames and my heart just sunk.

We both got out of the car and TB stooped to pick up the glasses.  He put them on and stood up.  I was surprised.  The frames were bent a little bit but not too bad.  And then I realized that the lenses looked fine.  We shouted and high-fived.  How wonderful!

5.  We still hadn't heard about our Making Homes Affordable application so I called HUD.  I found out the bank hadn't given us all the information we'd needed about the paperwork but the young woman I talked to was sympathetic and very informative.  She had me go to the website and showed me all the forms I needed to download and fill out.  She encouraged me to call the bank and find out what was going on. 

I hated to do it because it's always such a frustrating ordeal.  Today, though, my call seemed to go right through.  The lady at the bank said there are so many applications it's caused a logjam in the approvals.  She agreed that I needed to be filling out those forms from HUD so I'm going to get right on it over the weekend.

6.  I met with my advisor at the college today.  When I first applied to go back to school in 2006, I'd said I wanted to major in journalism.  I always wanted to write and I think I'm good at it.  I'd forgotten that.  The advisor asked if I still wanted to pursue that major and I said YES.  It would be easier to get the degree in education and be a teacher's aide since that's where I have most of my experience but ... I've always wanted to write, right from childhood.  And freelance writers are in increasing demand so why not?

I am deeply greatful for how God takes care of us and I especially felt that after TB fell and after we found his glasses only mildly damaged.  I felt His love and support when I said YES to going for the degree in journalism.

It ended up being a wonderful day.

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