Sunday, April 18

GiST #115

The last several days have been pretty blue, such a dark blue that although I found a few things to GiST about, I just had no motivation to try and blog. Basically, it's the bank from hell--Bank of America--that brought on such a bout of despair and frustration. Now I can have some dark humor about that part of it so here goes:

1. Bank of America considers us "current" even though we're a month behind. This is because by the time they get around to actually helping their customers, those people are a minimum of three months behind and usually more. That is, if they haven't jumped off a top of the building yet from the frustration of dealing with this institution. Enough about THEM.

2. Yesterday was grandson Ryan's 14th birthday so TB and I called him. In the past, he's been shy about talking to us but yesterday he opened up and we talked and talked and talked. It was most definitely a high point in our day! Happy birthday again, Ryan!

3. We also got to have a nice conversation with granddaughter Taylor. The kids are so far away (Tennessee) and we miss them so much. There was a time when they were just a hop skip and a jump away and we saw them at least once a week. Oh well. Phones and internet are a wonderful thing.

4. Friday night I went with Bill to see Man of LaMancha at the community college. The actors were all good and although the actor singing "To Dream The Impossible Dream" was no Robert Goulet, he did a pretty good job. It was especially nice to go with my son. We rarely have any mother-son time.

5. I finally finished Moll Flanders. Actually, it was a good book. I just had to reread several passages a couple of times over because of the language. I'm glad I read it. My mind still boggles at the plot though. My next project is to blog about it on Bookaholic.

6. I lost another 4 pounds over the last month. I'm losing at just the right rate now.

7. I've been focusing more on my protein, vitamin and supplement intake. My levels fell a little bit but that's easily managed and I'm pretty good about following a schedule. I'm getting some advice about how much to tweak.

8. Although there's been some contention, I'd say the family therapy session went well in that we came up with goals and an "exit strategy".

9. I talked to my brother, even though just for a few minutes. I'm so glad we're in contact with each other and getting along well again.

10. The weather has been wonderful--the sun helped bring some brightness to my recent dark blue days.

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Harry Spotter said...

I am so sorry about th Bank of America and what you are going through right now. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better but sometimes there are not enough words to bring comfort to help someone who is feeling kind of low. Your situation is still in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you hugs, purrs, and prayers. Have great Sunday!

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