Monday, April 19

GiST #116

1. I registered for my fall classes today! So far, I've signed up for college math (not algebra!), earth science & lab, and Deaf culture. Once my transcripts come from University College (showing I took English 101), I can take Journalism 101.

2. I wrote what I thought of Moll Flanders at Bookaholic. I also blogged about Bank of America Home Lending purgatory and got that out of my system!

3. I wrote a letter to my dad. Yes, I know he passed away last August. I heard "In The Living Years" this morning and the words hit me hard. I decided to write him a letter expressing how I feel. It helped a little. I feel sad still though. At the end, at least he knew that I loved him and I knew he loved me in spite of all the dysfunction.

4. I also wrote letters to my uncle, two cousins and my mother. Boy, I did a lot of writing today!

5. It looks like TB's been able to go back to my computer (the one that went kerflooey in January) and get it running. I'm doing the Snoopy happy dance!

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