Tuesday, April 20

GiST #117

1. By happy coincidence (since we just called the station Friday), Jim Donovan (consumer reporter) aired the piece where he helped a woman trying to get a restructure from Bank of America. He said--don't try to deal with the bank directly. Go through a consumer credit counseling agency. Okay--get an advocate!

2. I had the phone numbers for consumer credit counseling agencies. I thought they were for those drowning in unsecured debt. Wrong. Oops. We have an appointment to see a counselor. Maybe they can get us further and maybe all the way through Bank of America Hell/Purgatory.

3. A woman was giving away free 2x4s on Freecycle so TB and I went to pick it up. Well--she also had thick sheets of plywood and a door set out. Wooohoooo! The kids need shelves for the TV room upstairs and now TB can make them. Yay Freecycle!

4. Lost is on tonight. Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost!

5. Today was also Cats on Tuesday. I always have a lot of fun with that and not just blogging about our gang. It's always fun to go around and read the other cat bloggers' entries!

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