Friday, April 30

GiST #122

1. After a bout of fibromyalgia funk and fog, I'm finally feeling better and together enough to blog a GiST!

2. It's a beautiful day and we're supposed to have a beautiful weekend. The windows are all open, we're ignoring the pollen and the cats are chirping at the birds. Everyone's delighted!

3. We hit the laundromat at 8 and it wasn't crowded, yay! We got everything done by ten.

4. TB and I stopped into a deli we used to frequent before we had surgery. The owner remembered us and we had a good talk. He made us breakfast platters to order--no bread and lots of protein. We remembered how much we liked this little place and decided whenever we have a couple of dollars and are hungry, we'll make sure to give our business to this guy. He deserves it! It's Martucci's Deli in Browns Mills, by the way.

5. I've been careful to make sure I get plenty of protein and take all my vitamins. I look out for TB too. Some of our levels have been low and we want to make sure we bring them up and keep on top of everything!

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