Tuesday, May 4

GiST #125

1. Today is Tuesday so it must be .... Lost night! Lost!Lost!Lost!Lost!Lost!

2. Tuesday also means fun because it's ... Cats On Tuesday!

3. I'm remembering happier times with my mother.

4. One reason I've been reluctant to remember those times is because of the nagging, negative voice in my head that says see? It wasn't all bad, was it? And you went and made her leave, bad, cruel, insensitive, selfish daughter that you are! I shared that with the therapist and she had a great suggestion. When I hear or feel that thought, I'll write it down and then write why it's wrong.

In this case, I will write: this is a not correct because Mom was being mean, rude, taking her anger out on me and said we were wrong to take her from her home. It was right for her to return to her home. That felt a whole lot better.

5. Although it was a busy, hectic, crazy kind of day I managed to get a few things accomplished I wanted to get done so I feel pretty okay.

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