Tuesday, May 18

GiST #132

1. We had a productive session with Esmeralda at Consumer Credit Counseling of Delaware Valley. She was very helpful and although we didn't get very far in a phone call with Bank of America, it's nice to know we've got someone willing to go to bat for us. We got further along in determining what's going on with our application than we would have on our own and have an appointment for a conference call to keep after the bank.

2. Our financial circumstances are a bit more clear. We need to plug some leaks and cut expenses ... but can we keep the house? I'm not sure ...

3. I'm letting go of the desperation I feel to keep us together in the house. Maybe it can't be done and we're just bashing up against a brick wall. What's the point? It's not the end of the world to move on from this house. It's just a house.

4. We went shopping at Walmart with the girls last night and it was fun--they were spending their money. I think they got a big kick out of it too. It's nice to be able to buy something.

5. Heidi bought me a bathing suit! It's so tiny compared to the ones I used to wear!

6. This weather is miserable and is kicking my butt today but the rain and nastiness will move on out of here.

6. I've been learning a lot from the book Healing The Inner Child.

7. Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost!

8. There's enough pork chop & sauerkraut leftovers for TB and me so I don't have to go to a lot of effort with dinner on this nasty miserable day. I'll just cut up a chicken for the kids and do a simple shake'n'bake thingy.

9. I thought of more than five things today.

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Au and Target said...

Good grief you're having a lot of trouble. We're purring for you.

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