Tuesday, July 26

Cats on Tuesday: Got Her!

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Remember a couple of weeks ago when Kosmo, Munchkin and Mouse were plotting to get Indigo out of her new cat tree? Well, the boys did it!

We knew she'd have to go to the baffroom eventually!

Ooooh, dere's an upper story too!

And it gots nip!

Nip? My turn! I'll just sit on it and keep it safe! And I'll save some for Munchkin, too. Heh, heh!

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Photo Cache said...

so much patience these boys have.

emma and buster

Kwee Cats said...

Oh! They so cute! We like that top perch. We bet alls you guys has funs.

Thank you for showing it to us.

Has a happy!

Au and Target said...

Hehe, love those trees! Our three love the staircase best...

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Meow from Malaysia!

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