Tuesday, August 23

Cats on Tuesday: It's that time of year again...

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Kosmo sez, Wha hoppen? Why did Mommy Bean grab us all and put us in the bedroom and close the door?

Effurybody looks around for an answer!

Mouse: do you know, Indigo?

Indigo: it's gots to do with dem bitey things the dog keeps bringing in!

Oh, dat again. Fleas. The human beans gets all excited about dose tings.

Amber: Wake me when the bombing and vacuuming is done, thank you!

Yes, so the poor dog started with the fleas from outside and we decided we had to nip it before it got out of hand. The whole house got treated, room by room, and one day all the cats spent the day in our bedroom. I thought we might have some conflicts but everyone got along just fine. Hopefully everyone will be feeling better and flea free! Cubby didn't make it into any of the pictures because he headed straight under the bed!

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Photo Cache said...

Oh poor kitties you have to spend a whole day napping in the bedroom :)

Hope the humans kill all those nasty fleas.

emma and buster

Gattina said...

Oh my what a disaster ! but the cats look very comfy in the bedroom. Hope the problem is settled by now !

The Chair Speaks said...

Ahh, the kitties know and co-operated. The earlier the fleas are get rid of the better!

Kjelle Bus said...

Stay all day in the bedroom = NICE :)
But dogfleas = NOT NICE AT ALL !!!

Jackie said...

Nothing wrong with a day in the bedroom, we get to snooze in our mama and papa's bedroom whenever we want. Jet, Rappy and Calli.
PS You may get to see us next Tuesday!

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