Tuesday, October 11

Cats on Tuesday: Cubby is much better!

CATS ON TUESDAY is a group of cat lovers who share pictures and/or stories about their cats once a week, hosted by Gattina.

Cubby sez, Hai, effurybuddy! I yam feeling muuuuuuuuuuch better now! Mommy Bean wrote what happened to my tail here.

Today Mommy Bean wanted to take sum pikturs of me. I was feelin better so I let hers take sum pikturs.

I lived in Daddy Bean's office for about a month. Pwease excuse the mess. Daddy Bean made me a nice comfy cozy little nest and I had all my needs and wants taken care of.

Now, even though I'm so much better I still like to hang out in my comfy cozy li'l nest. Daddy doesn't mind at all!

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Gattina said...

That's exactly what happened to Arthur a few years ago. He got bitten in his tail and almost lost it ! same story, only he had to spend 2 days at the vet. The tail was saved, but he can't put it straight up and he can't let it down, it's always curled on his back. Apparently male cats when they fight try to bite in their tails ! Arthur's tail was broken !
Glad that you are back !

Johanna said...

oh my, what a loud meauwww, I can here it here. Cubby is a sweet kitty, but one eye looks somehow different. Is this from the photo or does she has a problem. Nice, that she is doing better. Wish you a soon recovery.
Best greetings, Johanna

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

We are so glad that your tail has healed! Thank goodness you didn't have to loose a single bit of it.

Jackie said...

Jet said "Been there, done that, twice - or was it three times? I got bitten by the local moggy bully, a big ginger cat who is on the prowl all the time. I think he is jealous of me and Rappy and Calli cos we have a nice mom and pop who love us, and he has no one. He made my tail very sick, but George the V.E.T and mom and pop looked after me and my tail got better."

Ginger said...

Cubby, we are so glad you are better. We love that top photo of you. Thanks for visiting us today.

Cindy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment! Your cats are all so gorgeous! I look forward to all the fun of Cats on Tuesday! Nice to meet you.

Kjelle Bus said...

That was one loud miaoooow :)
Glad to hear that the tail has healed up well !

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