Sunday, October 30

The Green Woodworker and other things

TB's hoping to get a business off the ground and wants to call it The Green Woodworker because he'll be using recycled material. He's made various things for people over the last year or so. Here is an example of what he can do. Someone with a nautical theme asked for an anchor to fill part of her wall and this is what he came up with. I think it looks beautiful! I'm sure the customer will like it too.

Here is a spice rack TB made for our cabinet. He's very creative and can make all sorts of things--magazine racks, wall hangings, ornaments, and on and on. He can customize things to what the customer wants.

What we basically need to do is get a website going with pictures of his projects. We also need to get the word out. Being able to participate in that craft show will help!

So we survived the great snow storm of October 2011. Yes, it was an event but I didn't see a reason to go all ballistic about it the way some people and news stations did. I like to watch Judge Judy and it's carried on a station out of Allentown, PA. Well, last night the show was preempted for non-stop coverage about this great storm. I guess Allentown must have gotten a lot of snow. We got just a dusting but I heard some areas got up to 8 inches of snow. The way they carried on at that station, you'd have thought the world was ending! I watched something else.

I didn't get any pictures of it but Munchkin lent a paw to "help" me fold laundry. She'd put her paw out to hold down a sleeve so I could fold the shirts properly. The only problem was, her claw kept getting stuck and I'd have to gently remove it. I tried to convince her that I didn't need any help but she insisted on assisting. ;)

On the down side, diabetes may be creeping back to TB and me. :( For the last several days, our sugars have been running higher than normal in the mornings. I contacted my doctor who said to track it for 2 weeks and if the levels are consistently high, I'll need to get some blood work done. It's very discouraging. One thing I'm trying now is cutting way back on carbs. On one of my previous visits to Dr. Greenbaum, he was concerned I was losing too much weight too fast. At that time, I added a lot more carbs to my diet to try and slow down the weight loss. The same thing happened with TB.

It's always something! :P

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