Monday, October 17

Sarum by Edward Rutherford

I just finished Sarum and I have to admit I rushed it, skimming through the last few sections. I enjoyed London so much so I'm kind of disappointed with this book.

I loved the first section, which dealt with the prehistoric era. I was hooked and drawn in by Rutherford's descriptions of what he thought prehistoric life was like in the area. I was especially fascinated with the Stonehenge section. I enjoyed and remembered all the characters, like Nooma the mason who worked on Stonehenge. The first part of the book dealt with Old Sarum which was located up on a hill.

The second part dealt with New Sarum and that's where I ran out of steam for the book. What was it? I just didn't find the characters as inspiring. There was a lot of detail about cloth manufacturing that I found boring. Some of the historical events, like the outbreaks of plague, I remembered from London. Sometimes I found these interesting. Other times--like with the Round Heads of the Oliver Cromwell era (these were really rigid and religiously intolerant Presbyterians)--I was just bored.

I still other books by Rutherford to read. I'll wait a while before I start one and hope for the best.

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