Monday, November 21

Man cat Monday & fun with Little T

Kosmo sez, Mommy Bean got a book last week by some bean named Stephen King. I yam helping her out by reading all dis other stuff dey sent with da book!

Yesterday, we spent the morning and early afternoon with Little T. We saw him for the first time in a long time last weekend. His dad has been ill and TB's had surgery and other physical problems for the last few months. So last Sunday we were all catching up and Little T became restless. He turned and looked at his dad and said, "Aren't you leaving me here?" It was so funny. We made arrangements for yesterday and T asked, "And then you'll leave me?"

When they arrived yesterday, Kennan was telling me that T had been up since five getting ready to come over and becoming more excited. I was so touched. Does anyone really understand the impact they make on a child? I know I felt sort of awed by the fact T was looking so forward to spending time with TB and me.

TB made walking sticks for all of us and had carved our names into them: Tomas, Pop-Pop, Nana. T was excited to use his walking stick for the first time.

We went to Smithville Park. There are several trails through the woods and we've been on all of them. The longest one and the favorite by far is the red trail. I think it's about 1-1/2 miles, maybe closer to 2. Throughout the trail, there's heavy wooden bridges and steps. Those steps! TB and I can't race up and down those things anymore. We have to go one at a time and T waits for us patiently at the top.

T likes to take the lead. It's fun to play a sort of follow-the-leader game. T would unexpectedly veer off the trail to have a closer look at Rancocas Creek. Once he got really close to the water and we cautioned him to be careful. He asked, "Why?" and TB explained he might slip on the leaves and get wet. The next time we veered off the path, T didn't get as close and told himself to be careful not to slip.

One thing was curious to me. There's a place along the red trail where you come out of the woods to a field. There's these huge high tension wire structures. Last year, T grabbed my hand anxiously and said, "you won't let them get me" and I assured him I wouldn't. Then I added he didn't have to worry because those things would not get him at all. So this year, as we came into this clearing, he said: "You said they won't get me." I assured him that's right, nothing will "get" him and we walked on. What makes me curious is why T would think those structures would get him? Is it something someone said to him or is it just that they look big and scary? I'll have to ask him next time.

After our invigorating walk, we decided to go a nearby McDonald's so T could play on their equipment. There's a ball pool and several slides. You have to climb up and down these convoluted paths to get to the slides. T was having a wonderful time as he had the place to himself for a few minutes.

A mother with four daughters showed up. I could see that T was interested in the children and seemed to want to interact with them but hung back shyly. When they started to enter the play equipment, I heard him explaining which path to take. He was trying to be helpful but the girls ignored him and began to play hide-and-seek. Other children showed up and I thought how much fun it would be to have one big game of hide-and-seek but they all stayed in their own groups.

Times have changed. When I was a kid, we would get up a game with whoever was available. The more the merrier, stranger or not. Oh well.

After he'd had enough play, T said he wanted to show up his new car. His dad races--although he hasn't been lately because of his responsibility as a father (not wanting to get hurt, etc.) so T has been fascinated with race cars. Well, apparently there are mini cars for kids that race--sort of like go-karts, I guess. T told his dad he'd like to race so Kennan found one of those mini cars. T has to go for training classes before he can use the car.

Meanwhile, he and his dad are going to work together to fix up the car.

When we arrived back at their house, Kennan and his dad were out working on a table. T ran to the car and proudly showed it off. I thought to take some pictures. I think Kennan was a little embarrassed because he wanted it to be all together, polished and shiny.

I see it as a work in progress. I can't wait to see it when it is all together and polished up. It'll be beautiful! We told T we were looking forward to seeing him drive the car once he's taken all his training classes!

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