Saturday, November 5

Whiling away the Saturday morning hours...

Some Saturdays it's difficult waiting for Kristin's ASL class to end. Those are the Saturdays when she has a doctor's appointment 90 minutes after the class ends. It's difficult because on those days, I don't shop as much and have a longer period of time to wait. I don't shop as much because I don't get the perishables. I don't get perishables because I won't get home until around 3 and I don't want them sitting in the car up to 4 hours. I can't take them home and come back because it's a 45 minute trip one way. It would help if the library or lounge were open but they're both locked up tight on Saturdays! This is one of those instances where reliable and convenient public transportation would be a big help!

I brought a couple of books, this notebook I'm writing in, and a Shoprite flyer to help me pass the time. I can get some non-perishables and that will take a half hour. Writing is a great way to use time if only I could think of something to write about! ;)

One thing I've noticed this year is how my body's response has changed to temperatures. When I was heavy, my internal temperature was 10-20 degrees warmer than your average person. In winter, I would go around in a light jacket. I shunned sweaters. We kept our bedroom thermostat set to 55. I was always miserable in the summer because I always felt too hot.

When I lost all that weight two and a half years ago, my inner thermometer was still on the warm side. I remember last fall, when the temperatures were in the mid-to-upper 60s, I was comfortable wearing a tee shirt, jeans and a hoodie.

It's all different this year! Lately, we've had some truly gorgeous weather. The temperatures have been in the 60s. Now, though, I find I need to wear my heavier jacket--the one lined with thick quilting. My kids all stroll around in hoodies, like I used to.

Previously, TB set our heat between 55-62. Now we freeze at those settings. We've gone a little higher and bundle up. On an evening when it's in the 50s outdoors, you'll find me in my winter robe. TB's struggled with the change in his body temperature well over a year. He used to be like me, an internal furnace. Now he dresses like Nanook of the North: long johns, layers of shirts, hoodie (with the hood pulled up over his head) and winter robe. I should take a picture of us! I wonder what we'll look like when it really gets cold? :D

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