Tuesday, December 13

Cats on Tuesday: Christmas Tree Kitties

CATS ON TUESDAY is a group of cat lovers who share pictures and/or stories about their cats once a week, hosted by Gattina.

Kosmo sez, I have a great new hidey place! The beans put up this thing called a Christmas tree an when I get under it, no one can see me!

Amber sez, if no one can see you how come Mommy Bean took a piktur of you?

OK, then, I'll shut my eyes! No one can see me now!

Yeeeeeesh! Santa Paws, please bring Kosmo a brain!

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Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Have fun with that tree. Hope you don't try climbing it! :0)

Sharon Wagner said...

Good ole Santa paws.

Carla said...

MOL!! Pretty kitties:)

Gattina said...

Isn't that a beautiful place to nap ? under a tree !!

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