Monday, February 6

Man Cat Monday and Celebrating T's Birthday

You know how hard it can be to get the purrrfect picture of our feline friends? So often I catch members of the gang in really cute poses and try to snap a picture in time ... but miss by just a fraction of a few seconds! For all the pictures I've posted, I've taken about ten times as many! Here's one recent "just missed" picture:

I did get a really cute picture of Cubby which I'm sharing on a Tuesday's "Cats on Tuesday". I'm not sure just when. Every once in a while I have a couple of choices of pictures and this is one of those rare times!

So we saw T on Saturday and had a belated birthday celebration for him. He's 8 years old and I am amazed at how fast the years have gone. I remember going to the hospital and holding him and falling in love with him when he was just a few hours old. What a long strange trip it's been in terms of his mom and everything else. It's a very long story.

Anyway, when T came over he asked to go for a walk in the park first before having a cupcake and his present. TB and I marvel at how well T knows how all the roads run. He knows the route numbers for everything we drove on (and I don't know them all. I'd be terrible at giving directions because there are some where I don't know the route number or the name either) and where they go to. It's like he's got a GPS in his head.

When we go to the park, T likes to pick up a map. He doesn't need it but he enjoys making a show of opening it up from time to time as we walk along to make sure we're going the right way. I think it would be fun to go to a different park and get their map and let T figure it all out for us. I know he gets a big kick out of that. Even though we're familiar with the trails now, we always have T become "the leader" and he gets a big kick out of that too!

When we got back, TB and T mixed red and blue paint together to form purple. T's favorite colors are red and purple. He'd painted his toolbox red and wanted to paint his name purple. While the paint was drying, we had our little birthday celebration.

T looked really pleased when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him. I'd gotten some mini cupcakes because they'd be easier to handle and maybe a healthier choice for T. He's gotten to be a pretty big boy and we're worried about that. He's a very picky eater and only seems to be interested in junky food. There's a whole lot less cake in a mini cupcake.

We wanted to have another birthday gift in addition to the toolbox and Kristin had suggested Hungry Hungry Hippos. I remember how much my kids loved the game when they were younger and I could see it making a big hit with Tomas...and it did! We played so many rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippos I lost count.

The paint was dry on T's name so he and TB glued the wooden pieces to either side of the toolbox. We left it to dry and next weekend, Tomas will be able to bring it home.

Grandchildren are such a joy. TB and I have a tendency to run out of steam in the afternoons and conk out early at night. When Tomas is over, though, we can find the energy to keep up with him because it's so much fun. I'm looking forward to next Saturday!

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