Tuesday, March 20

Cats on Tuesday: Family Bed

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Sometimes TB and I take a nap in the afternoon. We're usually joined by five of the six cats.

What? Don't see all six? If you check out my side of the bed, you'll see a lump under the covers between Indigo and Mouse.

Here I yam, sez Munchkin, crawling out from under the covers.

Why do I like being under the covers? It's nice and snuggly warm under there!

Indigo sez, I never woulda got on the bed if I knowed Munchkin was under there!

Uh-oh, the girls might start fighting! Best go back to sleep!

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TB update: The infection in his foot cleared up enough so that he could be released from IV antibiotics. He has to take augmentin orally for a couple of weeks and then go back to the doctor. His toe has much better color but is still very swollen!

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Gattina said...

Lol ! amazing that you still have room !
Not all cats are "milk" allergic, but some are. Somebody told me that's because it's not natural, the cat doesn't milk a cow ...

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