Tuesday, March 27

Cats on Tuesday: Taking Care of Daddy Bean

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Cubby sez, Recently we haf been very worried bout Daddy Bean. Him got an owee in hims toe and it spreaded to his foot and ankle. So him hadda take a lotta medicine!

Munchkin sez, a couple times Mommy Bean hadda take him to the mergency room! And he almost hadda stayed inna hospittle, oh noes!

Mouse sez, Mostly he was just sapozed to rest and take his medicine.

Indigo sez, I holded him down to make sure he got lots of rest!

And we guarded him to make sure no one disturbed him!

Daddy Bean is gettin better very slowly but it's happenin! I fink he'll be just fine!

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TB update: We went to an appointment with the podiatrist last Thursday and the main concern is that TB's toe is still very swollen. The doctor debrided the toe and discovered that the infection is still trying to drain. She wants him to continue the oral antibiotics and he's probably going to need another MRI of his toe, foot and ankle to see what's going on. Sigh.


Gattina said...

Your poor Daddy a toe infection ? How the heck can you get this ? Take good care of him, all of you !

Lui said...

Oh I hope he gets well soon.
When I was a kid all my cats (I had a lot then!) would sit/sleep on top of me in my sick bed. It made the cats protective and the child in me assured.

I send you healing energies.

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