Saturday, March 22

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Oopsie--it's supposed to be metal!

Fanks to Criz Lai for noticing and pointing out that our Scavenger Hunt was actually from last week! We was in a fibro fog and so excited to use that hide-and-seek picture of Cubby and Sox!

We also nicked the metal idea from Criz Lai so double fanks for that! The reason for that is our little escape artiste, Sox, who is ever trying to get out into the great outdoors! We decided to get ID tags and belled collars for all the gang whether they had any desire to break out or not!


Criz Lai said...

Whoa...don't ever mention that Cassie but I do not mind having that glittering gold thing there... haha.

Well, I have just posted up the presents Jonathan got for his birthday. Get a pail ready if you can't stand the sight :P

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

The ID tags and collar sound like a good idea. We are glad we don't have to wear them, though, since they would rub our skin raw. Since we are indoor-only cats, it's not a problem, plus we have microchips embedded in our shoulder muscles if we ever somehow managed to escape.

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