Wednesday, April 30

Anxiety disorders & women

Why is it when we hear about anxiety disorders or talk about them, women seem to be the ones who suffer most from them? Is it because men suppress all those emotions that make us anxious? Maybe not.

This comes from an article called "Who's At Risk For Anxiety Disorders?"

The role of abuse. Girls and women are more likely to be victims of physical or mental abuse, and this experience is a known risk factor for post-traumatic stress disorder. Childhood abuse also seems to cause long-term changes in brain chemistry and structure. These changes may predispose such individuals to anxiety disorders. ...

One study found that sexually abused women also have abnormal blood flow in the hippocampus, which processes memories and emotions. ... Animal studies reveal that stress can actually harm cells in the hippocampus.

Hormones. Gender differences in the prevalence of anxiety disorders may also have something to do with differences in sex hormones. Scientists know that estrogen interacts with serotonin, but they’re just beginning to tease out the relationship. ...

I was never sexually abused but there was a lot of emotional and some physical abuse. I was struck once by a statement pop psychologist Dr. Phil made on his show once: that abuse changes who a child is. I thought about that and decided it must be true. I can see and feel when the child in me sort of split and became someone different. Maybe that's why I still have an inner child trapped inside me.

Interesting. I have worked very very hard not to heap that kind of abuse on my kids. I see how they are turning out and I think I mostly was successful at it.


Mom Knows Everything said...

Very powerful post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :o)

Gattina said...

I suffered of depressions for years !Today I know it came with the menopause ! Fortunately it's gone now !

Samantha said...

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