Wednesday, April 30

Wednesday Sundries

Reality byte: So Linda and her grandmother came to pick up her stuff today. We didn't think to lock our door and apparently they didn't think to knock. For someone so familiar, neither spoke to TB or me (fine, be that way, I thought, and did not attempt to speak to them either) although his mother tried to engage the girls in conversation. The girls were polite. They had Little T with them and so the little one and I enjoyed playing while the other two brought Linda's bags out to the grandmother's car. I did notice that the little guy did not want to leave nor go into the car with them. So it goes. There's a lot more I'd like to say but can't.

So now I need some humor and that's where Wednesday Hump Day Humor comes in handy. The theme this week is pets and I just happened to get an email with these pictures:


Beau Beau & Angie Over the Bridge said...

Hey dat last picture kitty has dose worry eyes like Beau Beau!

Mercedes said...

Thanks for joining us at Hump Day Humor! These pics are hilarious! I love the HALP one! My post is like yours except it is of dogs! You can check it out here

Have a great day!

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