Friday, April 25

Cats on Tuesday becomes Finally Feline Friday

This was the post I was working on for Tuesday when all the bad stuff blew up in my face.

About a month ago, I did a post on opposites. This was the last time Kosmo and Cubby shared the same space without hissing, spitting, running and chasing. I'm thinking the post should have been titled "Dissin".

Cubby: Hey, watch out there, big guy, you stepped on my foot!

Kosmo: Aw, your mama wears army boots over her paws. Wanna make something of it, pipsqueak?

Cubby: Oh yeah, Goliath? Have you never heard of David?

That's what it's been since: Cubby chasing Kosmo all over the house. Kosmo really seems afraid of him! It makes me wonder what he really said to Cubby.

Cubby says: I know I saw Kosmo come into my room! Where did he go?

Could he be hiding under this chair? This is my room now and he's not allowed in!

Mouse: Did you find him yet? Oooh, oooh, cat fight!

Cubby: Y'know, all I really want to do is play. Why doesn't he get that?

And maybe that's all there is to it. This morning, Kosmo was meowing at me for a little TLC. Cubby showed up and chased him. Then Mouse joined in and Cubby and Mouse chasd each other around the house. Kosmo went off somewhere else and sulked.

Is there a cat whisperer in the house?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Goliath & Pipsqueak, we're sorry you boys are fighting all the time. You should try being bestest buddies, like us!

Gattina said...

I was just ready for a heart attack when I saw your title, lol ! I thought why the heck Cats on Tuesday are becoming Feline Friday ?? Now I understand ! Your pictures are really great ! I can hear them talking, lol !


If you find a cat whisperer please let me know! I am in need of one..



I don't understand why former
friendly felines turn into
don't look at me wrong or I'll
box you in the face felines.
It is almost "a change of the
guard" of who is the most
dominant in the pecking order
in the household. No matter what
the oldest cat is usually the
target but I've recently seen
it happen between two siblings.

meemsnyc said...

Dissing kitties! I'm sure deep down inside, you (hugs) each other.

Our cats do that, they like to scuttle with each other, but then when we aren't looking they cuddle and hug.

Grace In Small Things

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