Tuesday, April 15

Cats on Tuesday: Voices!

First, here's a little snippet from the tent play the other day. Of course, as soon as Sox and Cubby realized I was trying to film them they hid inside the tent condo! Tsk, tsk!

For the longest time, I wondered if Sox and Cubby would ever use their voices. I've heard them purr and sometimes Sox will growl if you pick him up too fast but no other vocalizations--not even when they want food or a treat. They both come and tap us with their paws or give us a head bump. Cubby can be quite insistent and uses his little claws to tell us how hungry he is!

When it's meal time, all the cats come swarming around and I hear many voices asking me to please hurry. Well, actually, it sounds more like "Feed us...NOW". It's always Amber, Mouse and Kosmo, not the two little ones.

Is it a matter of trust?

Yesterday, I heard a soft squeaky voice I didn't recognize, looked down and there was Cubby looking up at me!

Another time, I heard Sox give out with a purry-hum and then a soft "mrrrow".

So they do have voices! Now they are more willing to use them, too, and I feel glad because they are now willing to share what they are saying with us. :D

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Jane said...

That's beautiful Cassie. They're learning to trust and express themselves :)

Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I've been under the weather. Bleagh!

Hope you're feeling better.

Gattina said...

These tents have a lot of success amongs the cats in the whole world ! I had to buy a second one because Rosie and Arthur fought for one, lol ! With cat voices it's like with humans, there are the once who talk a lot and the others only from time to time. The only one amongst my cats who talks a lot is Kim, the shy and strange black cat. She sometimes sits there in the middle of a place and talks to herself. When Arthur meows you think it is a cat ghost out of a grave he has a horrible voice ! He could be used for a horror movie ! Rosie has a soft little meauwing and Pookie too and Lisa a very loud especially during the night !!

Andrée said...

Good morning, Irish! I actually believe that they only talk when they NEED to talk. If you were to stop being such a good human, they would need to tell you what they need. My Buddy never spoke but he is now because I won't let him outside or inside when he wants. He gets impatient and insistent and starts meowing.

I love your choice of names! Let's see what Anna chooses!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

It is wonderful that they are starting to talk to you! We both love to talk, so we would never be quiet!

Mar said...

How lovely they are talking to you now!! your cats are adorable.

Mitchypoo said...

Like personalities, they all have their own voices too. Very cute. Our red tabby's do look alike.

catsynth said...

It's great that they're talking to you now. How wonderful to hear their individual voices :)

I had a cat once, Eva, that talked only twice over a period of eight months.

Anonymous said...

Wowie, you have a double decker tent! I wonder why we don't have a double decker? Hmmm...

DEBRA said...

I talk all the time. I have a deep voice and i am such a tiny girl...Boo hardly ever says anything except when she is alone with Mom, and Jinx only talks when he wants food and he chirps. Ping he talks to himself all day long and Gracie will open her mouth and nothing comes out...go figure...

Jewelgirl said...

The SECRET is that we are going
to have lizard treats at CAT
REALM's Party! See you there!

Luna said...

That is a great tent condo!We have a tent too and love to play with.
I knew those voices . Luna talks the whole day with me in a very loud voice. Frieda can´t really good meows.
and luzie always ask me for milk and it sounds like the word milk.
You have lovely cats!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that they are "finding their voice!" They must be settling in nicely. How wonderful! I really like that two story cat tent. We have a very simple one, but I think mine would love a "condo-tent" even more!

Deana said...

Mine are vocal when they fight. Darius has always been so quiet that I thought for a long time he didn't have a voice box. Maybe we were just all so quiet together when he and Calista grew up. But when I got him in the car for the vet he does that low growl. He purrs a lot but he paws the doors. Comes and jumps in our laps and off again to get us to follow him. He is resourceful but he never has meowed.

Baby makes the sweetest little "mew" it is so cute.

I have been looking at tents and gyms for my guys. I think they'd have fun.

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